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AWFUL MODS: About the lobe of the APP piercer


So forgive me for not doing this in “ask” form, but I apparently can’t submit a question without first joining tumblr, and I’m not doing that just to ask one question to one blog.

Anyway, I’m the one who uploaded the picture of that lobe that I *THINK* belongs to an APP piercer (I am literally…

I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed the silly comments in the notes for that submission. One of my fave local piercers is great at what they do however they have horrible “stretching etiquette”… They never took their jewelry out to clean and there was literally a cm of gunk crusted up on the back of their lobes 24/7. Nasty and probably really damaging to the lobes. I dunno, seems like there’s a weird sort of portion of pro piercers who just haven’t gotten “in” on good stretching etiquette and care. 

Thankfully ( well maybe not for all piercers lol ), bad stretched lobes doesn’t necessarily mean a bad piercer. 

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