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it’s incredibly satisfying proving my dad wrong lol My dad was scrubbing with some goo gone and a paint scraper for like an hour ( if not more ) to remove some leftover gunk from when the car’s windows were tinted. I told him his expensive goo gone was a waste of time and my 3$ bottle of acetone from the pharmacy would wipe away most of the window with no effort and he’s like “oh pfft yeah right, I know what I’m doing.”

I went inside and grabbed one cotton ball and dabbed a bit of acetone and then got about half of the gunk off one window just from wiping it real quick around X’D My dad just sort of glares at me and keeps on scrubbing on his side hahaha 

I guess Goo gone is like the “man-friendly” expensive version of nail polish remover >.> 



THIS GOES FOR EVERY ANIMAL EVER. if you get an animal for your kid, that animal is still your responsibility. you need to research their care and you need to double check that it’s carried out properly and if your kid gets bored, SURPRISE it’s your responsibility now.

basically, your 8 year old kid can barely take care of themselves don’t even pretend like they can provide proper care for an exotic animal with specific (sometimes very difficult to meet) needs without some sort of guidance. teach your kids the importance of looking into proper care and providing it like my mom did instead of letting the animal suffer while you sit around apathetic.

also, letting your kid make an animal suffer and ultimately die is not a “good lesson” for them. animals aren’t inanimate objects.

This is very important.

Some parents should just get their kids a damn plant or cactus >_>

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