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BJD etsy shops :3?

It’s proving a lot harder than I thought to decide what I want to use my etsy gift card on *.* Too many things to pick from >o> If anyone has any good etsy shops to recommend that sell SD or Tiny clothes/accessories/etc, please link them to me lol I’m probably going to narrow down a list of what I like best and hopefully narrow down what I’m getting >o>


I found this list and I felt like I need to share it with everyone. Because this is so important.

Please don’t feel miserable as an artist. Don’t be that miserable person.

I want to add few words to the first point here. This is very personal for me.

I need to constantly think about this.

Just be better version of Yourself not another version of someone else.

And this is the problem not only mine but I saw many people who feel miserable because they compare themselves to other artists.

They compare the art, the methods of doing, workflows, approach. It just stops You from doing a thing, going forward and makes you feel bad.

You will be noticed because of who You are. Eventually You will find Your way. People will recognize You. Don’t be a copy of an artist who is a copy of another artist. Do Your thing.

Find people who will encourage You in what You do.

Collaborate with another passionate people like You.

Feel good with what You do.

And life will bring You what You want.

Hope this words make a better day for some of You.

Hugs for all!

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